Thursday, November 14, 2013

Request your FREE Gift in 5 Seconds

Hi ,

Tell us about your Wish from available products on our website and you can take that FREE.

Follow these steps - It takes only 30 Seconds:

Step 1. Open the Official Website.

Step 2. Select the Product to whom you want as free Gift. For example, if you want FREE iphone Mobile, Just select that.

Step 3. Then enter your email id and country . 

Step 4. Finally, Just check the confirmation email in your inbox and click on verification Link.

You can see how we works here.

Request your FREE Gift Request Now

Important: You can make wish for multiple items. For each request, you need to put separate email Id. You can do so under your family member's names. BUT, you must click on THIS LINK EACH TIME you make a wish (or link in step 1). For example, if you have to make 3 wishes, first click on the link in Step 1, make the wish, then again click on Link in step 1 and make second wish, then again click on the link in Step 1 and Make Third wish.

Hurry Up.


Marketing Team

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